About Us


Welcome &  Hello!


 i am a mother to a lovable son and i love being a mommy! 


Where is tyger gives me the opportunity to share my passion for designers and brands who tell stories! So- here we are: where is tyger, a Boutique Onlineshop for Babies & Kids.

Every Brand is selected with great joy, an eye for good design & best quality of materials.Stylish & comfortable clothes for our little ones with a sense of humour & sparkle! 

An exciting selection with socially sustainable & ecological development within the brands.
As parents we take an engagement to leave a habitat we like to see our children grow.
 I believe to encourage our children to catch their dreams that will make them smart, confident & happy people!

Children that have that sense of security in their life will also spread kindness around like confetti! 


We hope, you & your little One(s) will find great joy with our clothes ready to discover the world.

kindest wishes








noun: boutique; plural noun: boutiques

1.    1. a small shop selling fashionable clothes or accessories



This is how we love to work in our little boutique* Shop : 


We support brands & designers who are committed to:


- environmental protection and human respect.

- a local limited production.


All our products are made with care by passionate designers, very often in small quantities and sometimes by hand,which may explain delivery times on some of your orders.